A Great City for Students…

… by Eunwoo / from Yongin, South Korea / BSc Mathematics / 1st Year (UG)

Hello everyone! I am a first-year maths student from Korea. I remember reading the blog posts before coming to university and becoming both excited and nervous about what lies ahead. Now it’s my turn to provide a glimpse to what it is like to be a maths student here.

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Edinburgh as a city at first. I grew up in Newcastle up to primary school and so would visit Edinburgh quite often since it’s near. But, at least in my memory, the city was so grey and the weather was so wet. However, now I’ve realised there are so many lively and energetic aspects of Edinburgh that adds a lot to your student life.

One of the things that I wasn’t aware of before coming to university is the number of events going on everywhere throughout the city, both in and out of campus. Although I knew about societies, I didn’t know how vibrant and engaging the city itself is. Yes, there is plenty of university or society-run events that you can go to, ranging all the way from weekend trips to the highlands to just casual socials in nearby pubs. But there are also plenty of talks going on in local book shops or charity stores on various topics such as gender equality or climate change. Also, if you like more lively events, one of my most favourite events to participate in is the Scottish ceilidh dance! Those of you who don’t know what a ceilidh is, it is a traditional folk dancing event with Scottish and Irish music. It is so fun and engaging! I 100% recommend. And if you are a fan of music, Edinburgh has so much to offer. There are many good bars with excellent live music as well as a variety of concerts.

Adding on, the city itself has many nice restaurants and cafes if you like exploring different foods or visiting nice cafes. But Edinburgh is not so big to the extent that it’s a little crazy and haphazard. I personally think the size is perfect! Most places are walkable and even quite a long walk is not too bad thanks to the beautiful architecture of the city.

As students, academics should be in our top priorities for sure, but from my experience so far, the first year mathematics workload is not too bad. So if you manage your time well, you’ll find that there is plenty of free time for you to explore and partake in numerous interesting events going on in the city and campus. I love to roam through Facebook events in search of interesting events and I’m sure you will too!