Reflecting on my MSc…

Picture of Belen on the upper level of Victoria Street, with the road and row of coloured shop fronts below… by Belen / from Ecuador / MSc Operational Research with Data Science / PG

Coming from a background of Logistics and Transportation engineering and work experience in the transportation industry, I was looking for a MSc. programme that could be tailored to my interests in optimization and data analytics. I found the MSc. in Operational Research with Data Science at the University of Edinburgh, which was the perfect option for me since it offers a diverse pool of courses that balances perfectly both theory and application.

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The Home Straight…

… by Jack / from Grangemouth / MSc Operational Research / PG

Jack here again, and this time I’ve got exciting news! We’ve got less than a month left of our degrees and it’s all starting to come together (phew!). Lydia and I have spent the last 10 weeks working on our dissertations, as I’m sure she has told you, and now we are on the home straight. Continue reading “The Home Straight…”

Get Involved…

… by Nick / from Johannesburg, South Africa / BSc Computer Science and Mathematics / 3rd Year (UG)

We are all told that our time at university will be full of opportunities; the things you can study, the people you could meet and the amount of time you will have on your hands. The real challenge is taking advantage of these opportunities to make sure that your university experience is as good as it can be.
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Master(s) of Exam Season…

… by Jack / from Grangemouth / MSc Operational Research / PG

Hi guys, Jack here again, and this time I’m writing to you all from Leeds. I’m currently using the lull in my busy exam schedule to get some time away with the English half of my family. It’s a great way to de-stress from the first lot of exams and help me find my focus for the last one. (I’ve included a pic of us below so you can see our cheery faces). Continue reading “Master(s) of Exam Season…”