The Flat Hunt…

… by Benedicty / from Romford /
BSc Computer Science and Mathematics / 3rd Year (UG)

What I did right, the mistakes I made and what you can learn from it.

Finding a flat in first and second year was pretty much a piece of cake. Barely any work was put in and I always seemed to manage to find a flat that I liked.

Third year was where the trouble began, as I found myself in quite an awkward and unusual position. After complications with my year abroad, I had to find somewhere and someone to live with over the summer, before I went back up to Edinburgh for Year 3. Here are some things I learnt whilst attempting to secure my third-year home: Continue reading “The Flat Hunt…”

Balancing Student Life and Studies…

… by Jaden / from CA, United States / BSc Mathematics / 1st Year (UG)

You just got back from football practice. Maybe you’ve been playing for a year or almost your entire life. Nonetheless, you love it and that’s what’s important. Regardless of what passions you have, or if you want to discover new ones, it’s natural to have worries about balancing life with studying. In fact, it’s natural to have a bit (or a lot) of anxiety about University in general! However, despite the anxiety you may have, it’s important to know that there’s time for both in University if you play your cards right. Continue reading “Balancing Student Life and Studies…”

Life as a New Postgraduate Student…

… by Anvita / from Allahabad, India / MSc Computational Applied Mathematics / PG

My name is Anvita and I am one of the new postgraduate blog writers for this academic year. I am doing a Masters in Computational Applied Mathematics. I did my undergraduate in engineering, more particularly Mechanical Engineering. I enjoyed the computational and mathematical aspects of it the most and that is why I opted to change my career path and go into more mathematical options. Continue reading “Life as a New Postgraduate Student…”

Master(s) of Exam Season…

… by Jack / from Grangemouth / MSc Operational Research / PG

Hi guys, Jack here again, and this time I’m writing to you all from Leeds. I’m currently using the lull in my busy exam schedule to get some time away with the English half of my family. It’s a great way to de-stress from the first lot of exams and help me find my focus for the last one. (I’ve included a pic of us below so you can see our cheery faces). Continue reading “Master(s) of Exam Season…”

Stress, exams and how I’ve survived this far…

… by Ginte / from Vieciunai, Lithuania / BSc Computer Science and Mathematics / 2nd Year (UG)

Exams and the “fun” that comes along with them was definitely not the main thing on my mind when choosing what and where to study a few years ago. After all, I had been in countless academic competitions, sat my Matura exams – the ones that would determine if I even get into university in the first place. I’d even managed to spend an hour gripping a steering wheel as hard as I could, trying to look calm (so the instructor didn’t suspect I was doing just that) and passed my driving test. Surely the exams at university couldn’t be any worse. I knew I could handle stress by now, why would I ever worry? Continue reading “Stress, exams and how I’ve survived this far…”