Swap subject to maths? No problem…

Photo of JoJo… by JoJo / from China / MSc Statistics and Operational Research / PG (2021-22)

This is the subject that I want to talk about for quite a long time. At the time I’m writing this blog, it is already the second semester of my MSc studying Statistics and OR. The first semester was certainly hard and super intense, but we managed to surpass the phase, and here I am, trying to pull a blog out telling you what is it like to change subject from a different disciplinary to statistics. I do appreciate that this post may not target at all the audience, but I believe it is useful for students who are from different discipline who wants to come to do statistics.

We have many students who did not come from a statistics or mathematics background, so for those of you who are unsure about whether you should apply because you are afraid that your background may not be good enough, do apply. As long as you can get an offer from the admission, you will be doing just fine. Continue reading “Swap subject to maths? No problem…”

Living on the tails: studying as a mature student…

Photograph of Azfarul… by Azfarul / from London, UK / MSc Statistics with Data Science / PG (2020-21)

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

In addition to “Sorry, I was on mute!”, this is what I heard most throughout 2020. After a decade of working, leaving behind a fascinating job during global uncertainty to pursue a Masters might have seemed like foolishness. Fast forward more than a year and – after what felt like drowning in hundreds of hours of coursework, endlessly playing and re-playing recorded lectures, dealing with the eerie silence of virtually-conducted examinations, and three intense months of industrially-liaised project work – I still find it difficult to believe how this time flew as it did.

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A Day in the Life of an MSc Student (during Covid-19)…

Mike sat at his desk holding up a glass… by Mike / from Greece / MSc Statistics with Data Science / PG (2020-21)

Hello there!

My name is Mike, I am from the lovely country of Greece and currently am an MSc Statistics with Data Science student at The University of Edinburgh. In this post I will try to describe what my typical, more relaxed, work days as a PGT student look like.

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Reflecting on my MSc…

Picture of Belen on the upper level of Victoria Street, with the road and row of coloured shop fronts below… by Belen / from Ecuador / MSc Operational Research with Data Science / PG (2019-20)

Coming from a background of Logistics and Transportation engineering and work experience in the transportation industry, I was looking for a MSc programme that could be tailored to my interests in optimization and data analytics. I found the MSc in Operational Research with Data Science at the University of Edinburgh, which was the perfect option for me since it offers a diverse pool of courses that balances perfectly both theory and application.

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Ten Things I Learnt from my MSc…

… by Kevin / from Hong Kong / MSc Computational Applied Mathematics / PG (2018-19)

My name is Kevin, I had completed an undergraduate degree in maths at Warwick before pursuing a Masters in Computational Applied Mathematics at Edinburgh (2018-19). Now I’m doing a PhD in Medical Informatics at the Usher Institute in Edinburgh.

Here are the 10 things I learnt during my MSc programme. Continue reading “Ten Things I Learnt from my MSc…”

Life as a New Postgraduate Student…

… by Anvita / from Allahabad, India / MSc Computational Applied Mathematics / PG (2018-19)

My name is Anvita and I am one of the new postgraduate blog writers for this academic year. I am doing a Masters in Computational Applied Mathematics. I did my undergraduate in engineering, more particularly Mechanical Engineering. I enjoyed the computational and mathematical aspects of it the most and that is why I opted to change my career path and go into more mathematical options. Continue reading “Life as a New Postgraduate Student…”

The Home Straight…

… by Jack / from Grangemouth / MSc Operational Research / PG (2017-18)

Jack here again, and this time I’ve got exciting news! We’ve got less than a month left of our degrees and it’s all starting to come together (phew!). Lydia and I have spent the last 10 weeks working on our dissertations, as I’m sure she has told you, and now we are on the home straight. Continue reading “The Home Straight…”

My MSc Research Project…

… by Lydia / from Birmingham / MSc Operational Research / PG (2017-18)

The sun is shining outside and here I am, sat in the library… the realities of dissertation period. Off to a negative start but don’t worry it‘s not all doom and gloom. With the freedom of planning our own working lives, we’ve managed to fit in a little sunbathing in the Meadows over this last week and lots of touristy activities to make the most of my last few months in Edinburgh (including a trip to see the sunset from Calton Hill). Continue reading “My MSc Research Project…”

Master(s) of Exam Season…

… by Jack / from Grangemouth / MSc Operational Research / PG (2017-18)

Hi guys, Jack here again, and this time I’m writing to you all from Leeds. I’m currently using the lull in my busy exam schedule to get some time away with the English half of my family. It’s a great way to de-stress from the first lot of exams and help me find my focus for the last one. (I’ve included a pic of us below so you can see our cheery faces). Continue reading “Master(s) of Exam Season…”

Post-Exam, Pre-Project…

… by Lydia / from Birmingham / MSc Operational Research / PG (2017-18)

Exams, exams, exams… This is all my life seems to consist of right now. For the last month, I have sleepwalked into the library, set up camp on the 4th floor (perfect for procrastination taking in the amazing views – below) and taken breaks for my usual student diet of 2 meal deals a day. Motivation is starting to wane, however as a self-proclaimed seasoned professional when it comes to university exam periods (just realised that this is my 8th), I know that it will all be worth it in the end. Continue reading “Post-Exam, Pre-Project…”

Why I’m doing an MSc…

… by Lydia / from Birmingham / MSc Operational Research / PG (2017-18)

Hey everyone! My name’s Lydia and I am one of your new postgraduate blog writers. My friend Jack will also be writing posts where we are going to discuss postgraduate study and everything that comes with it. Below is a lovely picture of the two of us celebrating having a little break during Innovative Learning Week…

So first of all… Why am I doing an MSc? Am I crazy? Probably. Continue reading “Why I’m doing an MSc…”