A Great City for Students…

… by Eunwoo / from Yongin, South Korea / BSc Mathematics / 1st Year (UG)

Hello everyone! I am a first-year maths student from Korea. I remember reading the blog posts before coming to university and becoming both excited and nervous about what lies ahead. Now it’s my turn to provide a glimpse to what it is like to be a maths student here.

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Edinburgh as a city at first. I grew up in Newcastle up to primary school and so would visit Edinburgh quite often since it’s near. But, at least in my memory, the city was so grey and the weather was so wet. However, now I’ve realised there are so many lively and energetic aspects of Edinburgh that adds a lot to your student life.

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The Local Student Experience: Not so far from home!..

… by Tom / from Edinburgh / BSc Mathematics / 2nd Year (UG)

‘Uuugh, why would you want to do that?’ This was definitely the most common response I got from people when I told them I was off to study Mathematics at Edinburgh. We all know that maths doesn’t have the best reputation. However, I will say that I have always been a fan of the subject.  Throughout my time at secondary school, I really enjoyed most of my time in maths lessons and, as a result, I’ve ended up here – at Edinburgh – still trying to ‘find x’. Continue reading “The Local Student Experience: Not so far from home!..”