A Day in the Life as a First Year…

… by Ellen / from Rye / BSc Mathematics / 1st Year (UG)

I’m Ellen, a first year mathematics undergraduate at Edinburgh University. Today I thought I would talk about a day in my life.

7am: Wake up. I live at Darroch Court which is 2 minutes away from the Pleasance Gym, meaning I can get my training in early and still have rest of the day free. I’m a member of the Hares and Hounds (the running club) and I couldn’t recommend joining enough. I have made such good friends from both the training and regular socials, and also think it’s great how they cater for all abilities.

10am: 10 minute walk across to George Square for a Proofs and Problem Solving lecture. This course is definitely challenging but so far I am finding the lectures really interesting and informative. In first year, all mathematics lectures currently take place on central campus, but in second year they are taught at the King’s Building Campus, which is a little further way. My elective for this semester is Economics, which is quite maths-based so works well with a maths degree.

11am: Walk back home. This is why Wednesday is my favourite day: I’m free by mid morning! I will then catch up with any homework or online reading tests in my room until around lunch time. Lunch is usually scrambled eggs on toast, or sometimes a Tesco meal deal!

1pm onwards: I really enjoyed all of the tourist activities around Edinburgh in my first term, and I often went with friends when we all had some free time. A few favourites included a beach trip to Portobello (only a bus a short bus journey away), a walk up Arthur’s seat, and shopping on Princes Street. This semester I’m looking forward to visiting St Andrews for a walk along the beach and fish and chips!

Portobello beach
View from Arthur’s Seat

5pm: At this time I would usually head out for a run with the running group. The Meadows (a large park in the centre) is perfect for this, but there’s also some great routes around Holyrood Park.

7pm: Dinner! My cooking has generally improved since the start of the year but overall I would say there is definitely room for improvement. Pasta is a common theme, but I occasionally branch out and make a chilli con carne, usually with whatever Lidl has to offer on that particular day.

Evening time: Edinburgh is a lovely city to go out clubbing in, but what I enjoy most is the pubs. On a Wednesday evening I always meet some friends at Greenmantle. This pub has a lovely atmosphere but also serves the best burgers so if I don’t have time for dinner and my budget allows it, I’ll always grab a meal there.