Daily Life of a Mathematics Student (In Pictures)…

… by Matthew / from Consett / MMath Mathematics [2nd Year Entry] / 4th Year (UG)


8am: I make an exceptionally uninteresting breakfast, but something to keep me going until lunch. It’s about now that I water my plants if they need it.

: I arrive at King’s Buildings. My preferred method of getting to KB is by bicycle but sometimes if the weather is nice, I prefer to walk every now and again.

: I usually have a couple of lectures each day. Now I am in 4th Year my lectures are often composed of quite a small group of people, whereas for the first few years, lectures can have over a hundred people in them!

: After lectures I sometimes have a workshop. Here I am doing a workshop for “Maths in Action” in which we are currently studying climate change using real satellite date. Luckily, a tutor is on hand to help me interpret these graphs.

: My favourite time of the day, lunchtime! I commonly go to the wrap bar to get a falafel wrap. It gets very busy very quickly here, so it’s good to get there early.

: Time for a chess break. I often like to use the MathsHub for grabbing a coffee and socialising. It’s a good place to chat to people as there is always someone about.

: Now to focus on some work in the Magnet Cafe area on the third floor of the James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB). This again is a good place to relax or study. As you can see, I often have both tea and plenty of water close by.

: Handing in some work to be marked. Hand-ins are often weekly or bi-weekly with each course, so I normally end up doing approximately 4 or 5 hand-ins over a fortnight. I try to keep on the top of them and I manage to do that (mostly).

: End of the day. I leave in the same fashion I arrived, except I’m happy because the cycle home is mostly downhill.

: Not the usual student dinner, but loaded nachos happen before the local pub quiz on Tuesday nights. I try and utilise my time at King’s Buildings so that when I go home, I have time to chill out and spend time with friends. Wish us luck on the quiz!