A Day in the Life…

… by Tally / from Scarborough / MMath Mathematics [2nd Year Entry] / 2nd Year (UG)

Hi! My name is Tally and I am a second year maths student here at the university. One thing I was unsure about when coming to university was if I’d be able to juggle my studies and my free time. Turns out, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. To demonstrate that I thought I’d outline what a day in my life could look like to give an example of what a student actually does.

The time that my day begins varies from day to day. Sometimes I have a 9am start, so getting out of the house is a bit of a rush, but sometimes I start at 12pm, so I can have a more relaxed start to my day and can sometimes get some jobs or work done before I leave. I live around a 25-30 minute walk from the Kings Buildings campus where I am based, so to save time I cycle to and from campus. It cuts my journey down by at least 15 minutes each way and it is also exercise, so in a way I’m doing multiple jobs at work – exercising and commuting!

I have around 15 contact hours per week and I usually have between 2-4 hours of contact hours per day. Sometimes these are back to back but sometimes I have gaps of 1-2 hours between them. I usually spend those gaps in the MathsHub, a space for maths students to relax, do work or eat. There are tea and coffee facilities and microwaves where you can heat your lunch up (if you haven’t already eaten it), and even board games if you need a break from studying, so it’s a nice place to go no matter what you want to do.

Sometimes my day finishes around lunchtime, so I try to get work done in the afternoon. Sometimes though, that takes a bit of motivation. I find that the best motivator is cake, so I often do my work in one of Edinburgh’s lovely independent cafes. There are so many dotted around the city so there is no end to the cafes you can visit. Here are some pictures of cake I have eaten and enjoyed in Edinburgh.





My evenings also vary. To save time in the long run, I cook food in bulk, which I usually do two evenings per week. I volunteer at a guide unit once a week, which I find very rewarding. More often than not though, you’ll usually find me at a pub quiz. I’m part of the university’s quiz society and thanks to them I have found multiple pub quizzes that I enjoy going to every week. If I’m not doing any of that though, I’ll usually try and work or relax watching, you guessed it, quizzes and game shows!

So there we have it, a day in the life of a maths student. Of course, everyone manages their time in a different ways, but I hope this has given you an little insight into how I spend my time day-to-day.